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Region Guaramiranga - CE

The Ecohotel Vale das Nuvens is located in the mountain village of Guaramiranga, in the state of Ceará.

The word "Guaramiranga" originates from the Tupi and means "red bird".A snug little town with about 4,000 inhabitants, is situated 110km from Fortaleza, at an altitude of 865 meters above sea level and has mild and pleasant climate, very different from the warm climate typical of northeastern Brazil.

The rainforest is present throughout its area with a great diversity of flora and fauna. The city has emerged on the national scene, mainly by conducting various events imprint of culture and tourism. It is ideal for a living closest to nature, relaxation and leisure.

Meet the main sights of the region:

Pico Alto

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The ideal place to enjoy a beautiful view.

8 miles distant from the center of Guaramiranga and 3658 feets of altitude, Pico Alto is the second highest peak of Ceará and the third largest in the Northeast. It has a beautiful view of the mountains from the border with the hinterland and is the ideal choice to watch the setting sun.

Park Trails

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Facing the Ecotourism and Adventure Activities, Trails of Park lies 1600 feets from the city's commercial center, the Ranch Guaramiranga. An environment of Mata Atlântica, with trails, pool bath spout and stones, coffee shop, restrooms, rest area, planting organic coffee, various fruit trees, native species and birds. Adventure activities for adults and children are rappelling, Tyrolean (dry and wet), bridge of three ropes and kayaks.

Igreja Nossa Senhora de Lourdes

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Conheça a famosa "Igreja da Gruta".

Construída em 1982 em estilo barroco, seu interior possui uma imagem de Nossa Senhora de Lourdes, trazida de Lourdes (Portugal) e abrigada em uma gruta de pedra no altar mor.

Church Matriz

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Built in 1892, it is obligatory stopping point for visitors Guaramiranga, due to its magnitude and beauty. Faith in patron saint, Our Senhora da Conceição, is also reason to attract people from Guaramiranga and visitors.

Statue of Nossa Senhora

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The biggest statue of Nossa Senhora in the country.

Made of concrete with fiber finish, the statue of Nossa Senhora is located in Guaramiranga and is the largest in the country, with 21 meters high and 6 meters weighing about 4 tons.

Theatre Rachel de Queiroz

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Stage of various artistic manifestations.

Opened in 1999, the theater has a capacity of 400 people and hosts art shows, meetings and large events.