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Hotel Vale das Nuvens - Guaramiranga - EC

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  • Hotel Vale das Nuvens
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The Hotel Vale das Nuvens is located at the top of a mountain, 2.5 km from the city of Guaramiranga and 110km from the capital of Ceará, Fortaleza. Located at 870 meters altitude in relation to sea level, ensuring visitors an excellent climate, which often reaches 12 º C at night. A beautiful panoramic view of the city Baturité, Aracoiaba and Redemption is also one of the many features of this hotel.

Respecting nature with sustainable actions

The project is innovative and unique, being the point of opening a branch in the concept of hospitality. The Valley of the Clouds was built with materials environmentally friendly, following the standards sustainability standards.
All dependencies are built using sustainable materials and solar and wind power. The sanitary treatment is 85%, while the majority of establishments is only 40%. The plan of selective collection and recycling of waste are also part of the strategy of the hotel.

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Comfort, safety and leisure

The complex has a pool heated by solar energy, deck with panoramic views, children's playground, games room, which can be used as an auditorium for events and wireless internet. Each cottage has magnetic card keys control, providing more comfort as it controls the power consumption when the guest is not in the room.

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Due to its natural beauty and quality of service, the experience of staying at Hotel Vale das Nuvens becomes an unforgettable experience. Direct contact with nature and the concept of preservation make the place special for all its visitors.